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AlSaaedi, is in front of Abu Dhabi Intellectual property lawyers, and his team of trademark lawyers is dedicated and specialist professionals who Protect Brands, marks, and copyright across the globe.

Moreover, Our experienced intellectual property lawyers – IP – adopt effective strategies to guarantee adequate intellectual property protection regarding trademarks, patents, and tradenames throughout Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE.

Moreover, our trademark lawyers – IP law firm – are the leaders of the trademark practice. They are dedicated and specialist IP professionals.

Moreover, clients consider us the first defense line in trademark, copyright, patents, design, and brands in civil, criminal, customs, or administrative courts.

Additionally, we dedicate specialist professionals to support clients with solid expertise in trademark litigation.

Our trademark & intellectual property lawyers dedicate special team;

Furthermore, our Abu Dhabi intellectual property lawyers professionally defend clients in civil, criminal, customs, or administrative courts, in summary, appeal, and supreme court.

Our Abu Dhabi intellectual property trademark lawyers have the authority and capability to represent clients before Local and federal courts of the UAE over complex trademark and design disputes. 

Our trademark & intellectual property lawyers are your shields:

 Our Abu Dhabi intellectual property lawyers guarantee professional protection from trademarks, patents, copyright, and industrial design aggression.

In the same way, we protect clients from the blind accusation of infringement of trademarks.

Our procedures to protect trademark & intellectual property in UAE;

To illustrate,  once the client gets a patent or trademark registration, our lawyers can monitor new applications filed by third parties to facilitate the timely opposition of potentially confusing trademarks.

Contact our intellectual property lawyers in UAE Abu Dhabi for a first free consultation and up-to-date legal advice on UAE intellectual property law in the following issues;

Management of trademark and patent portfolios

IP infringement proceedings

Data protection

Copyright and designs

License agreements

We respect the confidentiality of our clients;

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To illustrate;

To illustrate;