Area of practice for advocate Ahmed Al-Saaedi

Advocate Ahmed Al Saaedi is one of the pioneers in litigation and arbitration in Abu Dhabi, focusing on All civil, transport, family, trademark and insurance transactions. and insurance transactions.
Arbitrator in transport and construction
All real estate, rent matters.
Arbitration and mediation
Recovery of Funds, and collections
Air and aviation law.

Arbitration practice

Experience in local commercial arbitration; in many arbitration I was the president of arbitration body.

Most of his experience in banking, investment, technical, and foreigners affairs

Details of positions, awards, or achievement

Officer of Legal and Administration Department for Abu Dhabi Transport for 2 years.

6 years’ experience as an Independent Lawyer

6 years’ experience as Legal Advisor in U.A. E

 2 years Eligibility Certificate from Tax Department


1 – bachelor of Law 2010
2- Arbitration course
3- Legal license