Demand soon=get your right

Demand soon=get your right,  if you have any rights against others but can’t get this right amicably.

In this case, don’t keep silent, your right will not drop from the sky to you.

why we say demand your right soon;

in law, there is a prescription; I mean, the time to claim your right is limited by time.

Some rights are prescribed by one year, like the workers, and hotels’ rights,

Moreover, others by three years, like the right to indemnity against wrongdoing.

Other requests for rights are prescribed for 15 years.

From another point of view, the nature of humans;

Some people will pay your right even if it’s massive.

Other people have a nature not to pay for the rights of others if they not demanding it, amicably or lawfully.

So, take the advice of our Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo lawyers; Demand soon=get your right;

to illustrate;






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