Ezz Eldin A. Shakour



1 - license of law 1977.

2 - bachelor of commerce 1991- business administration section.

Details of positions, awards, or achievement

1 – The manager of legal and administration department for 13 years in an international bank – national bank of Oman.

2 – 30 years experience as a independent lawyer.

3 - Eligibility certificate from tax department .

4 – ONE year study in international trade at Ain Shams university.

Patents and publications

A study on the nature of letters of credit in banking and finance .

Arbitration practice

An accredited arbitrator by ministry of justice in both civil and commercial matters, and specialist.

A- in banking transactions.

B – in all legal matters.

 Experience in local commercial arbitration; sometimes he was the president of arbitration body in public sector disputes.

Most of his experience in banking, investment, commerce, technical, and foreigners affairs.

Area of practice

1 - All banking, financial and insurance transactions.
2 - All foreigners and expatriates affairs including Immigration.
3 - All real estate, rent matters.
4 - Arbitration and mediation
5 - Recovery of Funds, and collections
6 – litigation before all court ,supreme court included.
7 – Intellectual property, register of trade marks and patents.
8 – Air and aviation law.
9 – Maritime law.
Professional Memberships
* Enrolled as a advocate with Egyptian law , Egypt 1982.
* Enrolled as an Advocate with Ministry of justice in U.A.E.

Professional memberships

1 - a member of Egyptian bar association, and admitted to practice law in U.A.E court.
2 - a member of international bar association.
3 - a member of Arabs bar association.
4 - a member of tax association - Egypt.
5 - a member of arbitration committee, in the section of disputes resolution - American bar association.


Ability to fully utilize information technology, managerial and communication skills due to long-term practice.
Languages :
1 – Arabic : native.
2 – English : very good.