Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Arbitration and Litigation lawyers

Our Abu Dhabi arbitration lawyers’ extensive experience allows us to handle a wide range of complex, high-value international and domestic arbitration dispute cases, from shipping, construction, and sale-of-goods disputes to joint ventures and investments.

Furthermore, Our Abu Dhabi arbitration lawyers have a solid and extensive presence in domestic and international arbitrations and litigation in commercial, construction, sale, and purchase of goods disputes.

Moreover, our qualified and professional Advocates, Legal Consultancy, are registered at all arbitration centers, local and federal courts, and throughout the U.A.E.

Furthermore, Our arbitration lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have arbitration experiences that go beyond the bounds of the U.A.E;  We conduct arbitrations in Cairo, Egypt, and we have been on the top list of Egypt arbitrators for 3 three decades.

Furthermore, our best litigators and arbitrators are in Cairo, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai U.A.E. and have been practicing since 1982.

For instance, we are litigators & arbitrators of corporate, construction, banking, insurance, and all legal disputes,

Moreover, we have a track record in mediation and Arbitration.
Above all, We were also working with contracts or controversies involving the International Chamber of Commerce;

; (I.C.C.) arbitration rules, as well as those of the 1958 U.N. Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, UNCITRAL;

Firstly, Abu Dhabi Arbitration Litigation lawyers are AL-Saaedi

To illustrate, Egypt has promulgated the arbitration law no 127 / 1994 that Law; the parties can refer any disputes to Arbitration;

Then, the ministry of justice selected our office with other offices worldwide as arbitrators.

Also, we have the direct knowledge of laws and court procedures necessary to advise our clients when litigation is a better forum for dispute resolution than Arbitration.

Furthermore, While our first emphasis is on avoiding disputes, we stand ready and able to defend them.

Moreover, we provide our clients with the best advocacy if they file a claim or protect them if they have a claim.

Again, Abu Dhabi Arbitrators Litigators lawyers are AL-Saaedi

The Egyptian ministry of justice recognizes our office as arbitrators in commercial and civil matters

and as specialists in banking transactions,

Therefore, by Egyptian laws, our awards are enforceable by such a ministry.

Moreover, In litigation, we have full authority to stand before the supreme and constitutional courts.

Above all, the results we could achieve in Arbitration or Litigation are excellent.

We are the first  leading arbitration lawyers & arbitrators under the roof of  Ezz law firm specializing in banking;

; And construction, reinsurance & legal disputes In Egypt, U.A.E., Abu Dhabi Dubai,

To serve regional and international clients across the globe, we started Arbitration for several decades.

Too, Definitions by our Abu Dhabi Arbitration advocates, solicitors, and Legal Consultants in Dubai

To Explain, Alternative Dispute Resolution –A.D.R.- means external dispute resolution – negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration; we are arbitrators of the Abu Dhabi chamber of commerce in the U.A.E, accredited Arbitrators by the Egyptian ministry of justice.

Our Dubai arbitration lawyers will bring you your rights and all missed interests or lost chances of profits.

Our arbitrators understand, and we professionally apply, International Chamber of Commerce arbitration rules and the U.N. Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, UNCITRAL.

We also have the direct knowledge of laws, court procedures, and expenses necessary to advise our clients when litigation is a better forum for dispute resolution than Arbitration.

Therefore, It is imperative before filing a case to know the standard procedures of adjudication followed by the U.A.E courts.

 In The First Place, to Finding a Lawyer before thinking over the litigation;

; clients should find a competent lawyer to seek legal advice on preparing a complaint or response to or send a summons notice,

To illustrate,