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Therefore, We are one of the best teams of Cross-border business lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo, Egypt, who advise the outbound and inbound businesses.

To illustrate, Cross-border business transactions are outbound and inbound transactions.

Outbound and inbound transactions – Cross-border business transactions- now is common in many industries.

However, legal issues surrounding those transactions are always clear-cut and straightforward.

Thus, doing international business raises several possible conflicts and procedural obstacles that do not come into play when a company does business with another.

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So; If you are doing in Cross-Border Business Dealings you have to be skeptical in matters like:-

First, Conflict of laws

Second, Difficulty of cross-border enforcement

Third, Differing legal systems and terminology

Fourth, international tax issues

Restrictions on investments

Disparate regulatory schemes

For instance, the above provides only a high-level view of some issues that arise most frequently,

Further, and may have a significant impact on inbound and outbound business dealings.

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                        What to do to enter new markets internationally?

Therefore, When you are considering entering a business arrangement with a foreign company, your best first step is to

Above all, consult with an expert and professional international business lawyer.

Waiting until you are in connection with a foreign partner and agreed to the general terms of the deal to seek legal advice

As a result, it can create waste and frustration and potentially damage relationships.

Because many factors you are unaware of may substantially change the landscape.

Moreover, You will need our guidance from the beginning to ensure that important issues you failed to  observe and that;

Mainly, unconscious assumptions subject to domestic law do not cloud your understanding of the arrangement.

Therefore, the Choice of Laws in Inbound and Outbound Business Transactions is the main factor.

For example,  international business contracts are under the rule and by the appropriate international law.

Such contracts for the sale of goods are generally subject to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

                 Parties may agree on the application of a particular law.

             Abu Dhabi Business Lawyers and international law

Therefore, CISC provides a uniform framework for international contracts for the sale of goods.

Of course, not every nation is a party to the Convention, and some have entered with specific reservations.

In addition, just as interstate parties to a contract may agree on applying a particular state’s law

addition, parties to an international agreement may agree on applying the laws of one country rather than any applicable international law.

So, It is critical that the parties explicitly agree on applicable law, as interpretation and enforceability of certain provisions will vary depending upon the law applied.

Thus, it is only possible to ensure that the parties meet the minds on any given provision. The provision will be enforced

when the parties have agreed as to the framework for interpretation and enforcement.

Drafting of Cross-Border Contracts by specialists.

           Abu Dhabi Business attorneys and legal advisors are the best in drafting, review of cross-boarder contracts

Inbound and outbound business relationships require clear contractual agreements, just like domestic transactions.

However, drafting international contracts can be more complicated and require a much more extensive knowledge base for several reasons. Some key reasons include:

therefore, An expert attorney in drafting international agreements can take the lead in ensuring that all relevant questions are answered;

And, terms are clearly defined so that the parties can reach a true meeting of the minds and enter into an agreement that reflects their plans;

and is enforceable in the event of a breach or Conflict.

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As a result, of Ezz law firm experience in cross-border transactions, the firm is also sharing  in a significant number of inbound transactions

For instance, on behalf of non-Local and international corporations engaged in business in Egypt and UAE.

For these reasons, These transactions are varied in scope and include, among other things,

firstly, the establishment of Egyptian operations and subsidiaries,

secondly, cross-border tax assistance,

Thirdly, Intellectual property protection,

Fourthly, merger and acquisition advice and capital raising,

In conclusion, these services are rendered by the best arbitrators, attorneys, solicitors, and lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo, Egypt.


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As a result of Ezz law firm experience in outbound transactions, the firm is involving in many inbound transactions on behalf of non-Local and international corporations engaging in business in Egypt and UAE. 

              Abu Dhabi Business Lawyers and variety of business transactions;

These variety transactions are in scope and include, among other things, the establishment of Egyptian operations and subsidiaries, cross-border tax assistance,

Further; Intellectual property protection, merger and acquisition advice, and capital raising;

Above all, we render these services by the best arbitrators, attorneys, solicitors, and lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo, Egypt.

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