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Abu Dhabi corporate advocates

Our competent Abu Dhabi corporate lawyers efficiently and effectively helped hundreds of businesses and professionals address their legal challenges.

Above all, they are well prepared to bring their expertise to help businesses address their business legal issues and eventually approach and address these issues.

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi Corporate Lawyers represent and deal Closely and efficiently with investors, foreign and domestic corporations;

Further, small business startups and entrepreneurs.

         Additionally, our Abu Dhabi law firm with bankruptcy Lawyers is a leading specialist in Bankruptcy Law in Abu Dhabi U.A.E., who Covers all aspects of U.A.E. Bankruptcy Law.


Furthermore, we have the highest quality team of the best Corporate and bankruptcy Lawyers and advocates in Abu Dhabi, Dubai; 

; And, in Cairo, Egypt, at Ezz in Egypt, and Al-Saaedi in U.A.E.

 Moreover, Our Cairo and U.A.E. law office is among the Best Corporate Law firms in Abu Dhabi that are practicing out of the U.A.E. like Egypt ;


Additionally,  our Abu Dhabi corporate attorneys and legal consultants have extensive expertise, judicial competencies, and legal capabilities;

Above all, state-of-the-art corporate law defense provides the best legal services to our clients with the highest quality.

 To illustrate, Our team comprises Egyptian lawyers in Abu Dhabi, attorneys in Dubai, and the best Emirati advocates and solicitors in Cairo, Egypt.

Therefore, Al-Saaedi is at the top of the list of corporate law firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Above all,  Ahmed is one of the best corporate business lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, leading us to be one of the top law firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo.

Therefore, We are the leading Banking, construction, and Corporate law firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al- Saaedi & Ezz, with excellent corporate lawyers in Abi Dhabi and Dubai.

Because we retain the caliber corporate lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, U.A.E., our Abu Dhabi commercial solicitors and advocates are now models.

So, our corporate department in the Abu Dhabi law firm offers pragmatic, profound advice and sound defense in courts and arbitration.

As a result, Our Caliber corporate lawyers provide an easy one-stop- for corporate counsel in every area of Corporate Law.

Therefore, ask us about corporate legal concerns like; property, real estate, Construction, indemnity, Banking, insurance, and maritime; you visit us.

Abu Dhabi Corporate Lawyers! are us.

Further, Our Abu Dhabi corporate lawyer’s primary concern is your success.

So, we became among the best corporate law firms & commercial lawyers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, the best Corporate lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, U.A.E., and Cairo, Egypt, since 1982

What extra Abu Dhabi Corporate Lawyers have;

We have superior caliber corporate and commercial lawyers serving the middle east and gulf region;

at the top, our corporate and business lawyers are in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, U.A.E., and Cairo, Egypt.
Moreover, we retain local Egyptian and Emiratis Company’s lawyers, attorneys, and advocates who will be helpful;

Helpful regarding the interpretation, preparation, or review of agreements regulated by company law, such as incorporating companies and shares of local and ex-pats partners.

Clients will never worry about commercial and corporate transactions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or U.A.E.

When clients require contracts and negotiations, our experienced corporate lawyers, attorneys, advocates, solicitors and arbitrators stay beside clients.

Therefore, we stand by clients to achieve the best results. 

So, If you need legal advice for your business in the Gulf, such as the Sultanate of Oman, you may contact our local lawyers.

WE HELP YOU set up A COMPANY IN UAE and Egypt.

Due to a booming market in U.A.E., many entrepreneurs choose to run their businesses in this country. 

In most cases, they need specialized legal support from a corporate law firm in U.A.E. to comply with all the local rules and regulations.

However, it would be best to consider all the legal regulations when hiring new employees. 

For this reason, our law firm in U.A.E. can provide advice and consultancy in all the Labor and Employment Law matters in U.A.E. for any transaction.

Because, Your new U.A.E. and Egypt business can shape into different types, depending on several factors, from the need to have a local partner or to do solo business.

And, to establish a Free zone, companies will not need any local partners; our lawyers in U.A.E. will help you pass through all the phases and norms required by the Law.

Therefore, we advise our clients that the local Law is different from their local laws, and they should not rely on their knowledge.

And, if you are an international entity, you should return to the local Egyptian or Emirates U.A.E. lawyers and solicitors in Egypt or Abu Dhabi, Dubai – U.A.E. -.

You rely on the commercial department to ask local legal consultants about company law and incorporation of companies. They will guide you.

Because they will guide you to the best practice in a foreign country with different legislation than you are familiar with.

Above all, No one will understand the local Law like local Egyptian and Emirates U.A.E. lawyers, attorneys, and advocates.

Abu Dhabi bankruptcy lawyers help our clients for preparing documents for court purposes;


Firstly, we help clients in preparing a short memorandum explaining the economic and financial situation of the Company, its employees, and details relating to its assets;

Secondly, we help clients in preparing a report containing the Company’s cash flow forecasts, details of creditors, the movable and immovable properties of the Company;

Thirdly, we carefully review the Financial Statements of the Company for the last financial year;

So, Call our U.A.E., Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Cairo, Egypt Bankruptcy Attorney, and we will give business and corporate advice.

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Abu Dhabi Bankruptcy lawyers

Every year, the number of individuals who file for bankruptcy grows significantly.

Typically, bankruptcy is not caused by reckless spending but by financial hardship and unexpected expenses.

Bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi

At The Law Office of Ezz, our bankruptcy lawyers and advocates have more than 42 years of experience handling bankruptcy cases.


Debt relief by our Abu Dhabi Bankruptcy lawyers;

As per U.A.E. Bankruptcy Federal Decree No. (9) of 2016 on Bankruptcy Law; if you fail to pay debts for 30 Days, you have to go to Court;

As per article 68 of the Law, Application for Opening Bankruptcy Procedures states;

The Debtor shall apply to the Court to commence the procedures under the provisions of this Chapter,

if the Debtor has ceased to make payment of the Debtor’s Debts on their respective due dates for more than thirty (30) consecutive Business Days due to the Debtor’s distressed financial condition, or if the Debtor is in a state of Over-indebtedness.

So contact our bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, and Egypt.

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