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Our Abu Dhabi real estate lawyer has over 40 years of experience handling complex real estate matters involving a full range of transactional and litigation services related to hotels, hotel apartments, residential and commercial real estate ownership, leasing, and development issues throughout UAE, in particular Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi Real Estate lawyer provides valuable advice on property, real estate, and construction matters and hassle-free assistance to individuals, families, and businesses with all property-related legal issues they face.

Primarily, The laws of real estate ownership in the UAE differ in each of the 7 Emirates, as the law of real estate ownership is local.

Therefore, we find that the law of real estate ownership in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi differs from that of Dubai, Sharjah, or other Emirates. For this, we advise the seller and buyer to review the local law of the emirate in which They will buy it.

For example, Article 3 of Law No. 13 of 2019 on real estate ownership in Abu Dhabi states:

1. The right of ownership of real estate shall be limited to the following categories: a. Nationals and their equivalent, whether natural or legal persons.

b. Public joint stock companies in which the contribution of non-Nationals does not exceed 49%.

c. Any person in respect of whom a Crown Prince or Chairman of the Executive Council Resolution is issued.

2. The non-National natural or legal persons may own and acquire all the principal or collateral absolute rights of the properties located within investment areas and dispose of them in any manner whatsoever.

Our Abu Dhabi, Real Estate lawyer, defends investors and businesses;

Our real estate defenders, the real estate sector in the country, attract many investors worldwide. In one of the cases, after the investor financed a real estate project, the owner filed a case against the investor to terminate the contract. Still, the court rejected the annulment request, and thus we could protect the investor.

Our leading team of real estate lawyers in Abu Dhabi deals with various real estate and property projects. Our deep understanding of the UAE property market and regulations.

Furthermore, Buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate should work with a competent advocate or legal consultants;

So that to negotiate the terms of the agreement, draft and review the contract;

Our Abu Dhabi, Real Estate lawyer, review contracts;

Above all, review related paperwork (such as loan agreements), clear existing liens on a property, and attend the closing.

For example, you may find yourself committing a breach that will cost you too much;

To illustrate, A breach of contract can be any violation of a term contained within your real estate contract.

So, Abu Dhabi Real Estate Attorneys are helping in litigation;

Abu Dhabi, Real Estate lawyers, have decades of successful transactions;

             Above all, Our Abu Dhabi Real Estate Lawyers represent buyers and sellers of properties in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. With more than            2300 successful real estate transactions,  our Abu Dhabi real estate law firm is a leading firm for property purchases, sales, and rent

Moreover, We are helping with Real Estate disputes and litigation in the UAE.

Above all, Full legal support of Real Estate transactions, resolution of disputes, and related conflicts in the UAE.

Practice Concentrations Include:

Real Estate Closings

Real Estate Finance


Business Acquisitions and Dispositions

Estate Planning

In Particular, our Abu Dhabi Real Estate law office handles every real estate issue.

Indeed, Our property and real estate office handles all aspects of real estate matters efficiently and emphasizes serving international and local clients.

Moreover, internationals’ steady and increasing interest in real estate investing increases property values, rental property demand, and favorable exchange rates.

Furthermore, We can assist clients in the following areas of international law:

Also, Real Estate Litigation And Lawsuits (Purchase And Sale Agreements, Contract Rescission, And Deposit Return Litigation)

And Real Estate Transactions (Closings, Purchase And Sale Contracts, And Lease Agreements)

In Conclusion, Abu Dhabi Real Estate advocates, solicitors, and legal advisors span the globe

, Our offices span the globe with locations throughout the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. We can assist our clients with most legal matters, and our professional staff is standing by to provide quick, prompt service.

So, contact us If you are a party to a real estate contract and believe that there is a breach of clauses of the agreement;

; Hence, you need advice about your rights and obligations under a real estate contract,

Then, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team of real estate attorneys at Al-Saaedi real estate law firm today.


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