Abu Dhabi Antitrust compliance lawyers

Ezz law firm, with a team of the most experienced antitrust lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, is one of the trustees on anti-dumping, Antitrust compliance law.

In particular, our legal team has the highest consideration as the best property, real estate solicitors,

Moreover, and the best construction, insurance, corporate, legal consultants & lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Egypt, and other practice areas.

So, Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi antitrust law firm, like ours in Cairo, Egypt, is one of the tiny firms specializing in Antitrust compliance and anti-dumping.

Because our antitrust advocates and solicitors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai own the knowledge, training in Antitrust compliance and anti-dumping laws.

Further, our Abu Dhabi office’s corporate lawyers defend in all industries and every business level;

For instance, we are the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Egypt in transportation, distribution manufacturing, and marketing.

And, In the actions against their practices of business and trade.

Therefore, Our Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Egypt corporate lawyers help companies adopt a series of stringent measures;

To adopt strict anti-dumping and antitrust compliance rules;

Thus our antitrust advocates and solicitors are helpful in areas like;

in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Egypt, 

 And draw up regulations that match laws that potentially apply to virtually all forms of international commercial activity.

Practice examples;  expertise of our advocates & attorneys  in Abu Dhabi

For example, we regularly advise companies about mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, pricing strategies,

Further,  and about import from abroad and the termination of distributors.

Moreover,  we take an active role early on these matters,

Because specialists can help to see if transactions are structured;

 So that to avoid potential anti-dumping & antitrust complications.

We defend clients regarding any accusation of illegal practices like price-fixing conspiracies, corporate mergers;

Likely, to reduce the competitive vigor of particular markets and predatory acts designed to achieve or maintain monopoly power.

What’s the importance of Antitrust and competition by our Abu Dhabi Antitrust compliance lawyers 

Since, Antitrust and competition laws around the world are rapidly evolving and have their complications,

 And, companies face new risks and challenges in keeping up with the complex and changing rules.

Because; The penalties for failing to comply with the law can be severe.

Moreover, we are offering additional expertise in compliance matters, cartel investigations, and litigation since 1982.

Therefore, A global platform is essential to manage antitrust and competition law risks.

What our antitrust lawyers in Abu Dhabi at Abu Dhabi Law Firm says and advise;

So, Our team can advise on all aspects of antitrust law, including multinational mergers and clearances, cartels, abuse of dominance,

And international investigations, compliance, and the critical area of antitrust litigation.


So, we provide commercial solutions that will withstand scrutiny in all major antitrust or competition law jurisdictions.

In Particular, Our lawyers have qualifications in many jurisdictions and practice before courts and competition authorities.

 Wherever your locations,  our advice draws on the depth and breadth of this international experience.

Abu Dhabi Antitrust compliance lawyers are a team

Our antitrust litigation team is a core part of our global antitrust and competition practice, which includes lawyers with experience across well-established and emerging centers for antitrust litigation.

our team’s experience

Therefore, Our antitrust litigation team has deep experience in antitrust and competition law, combined with robust and commercially focused litigation skills.

 areas of work include

Firstly, Antitrust and competition dispute resolution and litigation

Secondly, Cartel investigations

Thirdly, Compliance and risk management

Fourth, International trade law

Fifth, Merger control

Seventh, Pricing strategies

Eights, Criminal investigations/anti-competitive conduct

Ninth, Distribution and agency

Tenth, Economic regulation, including liberalization, licensing, network access, and price control

Eleventh, Intellectual property, and technology licensing

Twelve, Market investigations and studies

Thirteen, Public procurement.

To illustrate;


To illustrate;