FINANCE Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

FINANCE Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Banking and FINANCE Lawyers

Ezz law firm’s Expertise in Banking & Finance and Our finance lawyers in Abu Dhabi are the first-degree in banking, Competition, Anti-dump, Antitrust Capital Markets.

Our Ezz; FINANCE Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Dubai is unmatchable

So, Every industry, monetary, financial institution involves Ezz law firm in local and international finance and transactional practice;

Thus, Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of industries and various areas ranging from power production;

Further, and infrastructure development to mining and telecommunications projects.

Moreover, the geographic scope of these projects has also been expanding in recent years.

Above all; In connection to finance transactions, we are ready to assist our clients from the beginning of procedures to the end.

FINANCial attorneys in Abu Dhabi are assisting banks too;

 Accordingly, we help to get financial loans, guarantees, and credits.

We supervise and review visibility studies and prepare the standard documents that banks usually request to get loans or other facilities.

 Also, in settlements of debts with debtors or creditors, you will find us qualified to help our clients get the highest interest from the other party.

Additionally, our clients benefit from a proactive service in the Middle East in Cairo, Egypt.

Or; The United Arab Emirates on often challenging and complex lending and structured finance transactions.

In addition to our expertise in acquisition, real estate finance, asset-based lending, and receivables finance, project finance,

And; refinancing and restructuring transactions.

Most importantly, One of our partners started his career in the banking industry and worked in all bank departments.

However, He has a law degree holder and also holds a commerce degree.

Who will draft for you; our FINANCE Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Usually, we undertake financial matters like drafting precedent and bespoke facility, advising on syndicated transactions,

And; reviewing documentation concerning participation and sub-participation for lending facilities and providing advice on security structures;

Further; Our Banking and Finance Corporate lawyers specialize in refinancing and restructuring transactions;

And; regularly advises financial institutions, private equity investors, and corporate borrowers on refinancing;

And, our FINANCE Lawyers in Abu Dhabi are helping in restructuring a broad range of finance transactions.

Egypt and UAE lawyers and advocates also advise financial institutions dealing with distressed corporate;

And; accountancy professionals engaging in restructuring and recovery transactions from corporate borrowers and individuals.

The UAE and Egyptian Banking and Finance team is involving in and undertaking security reviews;

and providing advice on strategic security enforcement issues,

whether in anticipation of or dealing with insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

We are in corporate recovery practice since 1982 and undertakes work relating to corporate reorganizations and reconstruction;

And; debt restructuring and refinancing, through to insolvency and bankruptcy procedures such as administration,

And;  receiverships, voluntary arrangements, liquidation.
Advocate. Ezz is a practitioner and active banking lawyer, attorney, legal consultant, and arbitrator.

UAE FINANCE legal consultants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo Egypt;

 To illustrate, Ezz Started his career in the banking industry as and compliance officer to Central Bank; for applying banking regulations and rules,

Moreover, he started working in-house banking lawyer with Gulf investment banks in 1983.

Thus; This practical banking industry experience ensures that we can provide commercially driven legal advice to banks or against banks to protect their interest.

Equally Important, The Egyptian ministry of justice accredits our Ezz Law firm – Egypt Lawyers – for arbitration;

in all banking and legal matters,

One of our teams was the head of the arbitration panels in many disputes between governmental companies and investors.

In disputes between banks and their clients, we also represent international banks in their conflicts.

In Egypt, in Abu Dhabi, in Dubai UAE, our Banking, lawyers, Finance, real estate finance attorneys have the upper hand;

And; the masters in contracts or dispute resolutions in letters of guarantees credit, fraud, credit cards problems.

In the letters of guarantees and credit, foreign exchange, money transfer, and any banking transactions, we own a practical experience.

Further, Assisting in Establishing a bank, branch, representative offices

Above all, We can also assist in incorporating a bank or a branch of a foreign bank or a representative office in Egypt or Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, Sharjah.

Therefore, We can proudly assure all that our firm is the only firm that handles all banking transactions professionally;

Since, Our track record banking, and in the recovery of bad debts, reality proves that in most our disputes we could make a great success.

FINANCE Solicitors in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Dubai! Since 1982

Therefore; count on us in Every finance, corporate because we practice since 1982, and undertakes work relating to corporate reorganizations and reconstructionك

And; debt restructuring and refinancing through insolvency and bankruptcy procedures such as administration, receiverships, voluntary arrangements, and liquidation.

To illustrate;

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