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Our U.A.E criminal defense law lawyers handle all criminal law issues, from misdemeanors to felonies; our criminal law lawyers defend before the summary and appeal court of UAE Abu Dhabi, Dhabi, and Cairo, Egypt.

We defend people in all their situations.

Our Abu Dhabi criminal defense attorneys advise;

you have to put in mind that according to law, no 7/2014 to combat terrorism crimes, especially according to article 29 of this law stipulates;

Article 29 – Penalty for financing terrorist crimes*
Anyone who:
1- Provides, collects, prepares, obtains, or facilitates for others to get funds with the intent of using them or with the knowledge that they will be used in whole or in part in the commission of a terrorist crime.
2- Provides funds to a terrorist organization or a terrorist person, collects them, prepares them for them, obtains them, or facilitates his obtaining them with his knowledge of the truth or purpose of the terrorist organization or person.
3- Acquires, takes, manages, invests, possesses, transfers, transfers, deposits, preserves, uses or disposes of funds, or performs any banking, financial or commercial operation with the knowledge that such funds, in whole or in part, are the proceeds of a terrorist crime or owned by For a terrorist organization or prepared to finance a terrorist organization, a terrorist person, or a terrorist crime.

In Cairo, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other U.A.E Emirates, we have the best brave trial lawyers that fight cases despite the overwhelming odds. We never keep lazy attorneys on our team, but we encourage aggressive lawyers who believe in their client’s situations.

For illustration;


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