Al-Saaedi is a forefront UAE advocate & legal consultant and a full-legal service international law firm in  Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

Moreover, With a team of the judiciary’s finest experts of legal advisors and lawyers in Abu Dhabi,  Dubai;

  Consequently, professionally solve any legal issues.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE advocate legal consultant, illustration

To illustrate, our legal consultancy office with Ezz in Egypt has more than four decades of providing a wide range of transactional and litigation legal services to its clients;

Furthermore, As part of the integrated law firm model, our lawyers operate in concert with Ezz’s lawyers around the world;

Moreover, To ensure our clients receive the same high level of service, whatever and wherever their legal needs.

Additionally, we are offering unique opportunities to clients to utilize our experience for the long term;

Because we started in 1982, and services we provide by professionals and experts who aggressively defend client’s interests.

UAE attorneys, solicitors, legal counselors, and advisors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Therefore, we advise clients to come to us only when they have a complex legal question when you have a simple issue we don’t take usually,

Thus, it would help if you work with our attorneys and solicitors working at convenient office locations in downtown Abu Dhabi,

And, in  Dubai of UAE, and Cairo, Egypt, if you face a complex legal issue.

Because our attorneys can approach and solve any legal problem for the best of your interests.

UAE lawyers and legal counsels, advisers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Too, It would be best if you had someone whose paramount dedication to protecting your rights throughout the process;

; including inside the courtroom, if litigation is necessary.

In particular, Whether you have issues that require a civil trial or need help with criminal law, our lead attorneys will deal with,

Then, count on lawyers and legal consultants who have decades of experience developing creative solutions;

; to complex problems for our UAE clients, the same way in Cairo, Egypt.

Therefore, We are confident that we will provide you with the knowledgeable assistance that you need to find a successful solution to your case.

For This Reason, We dedicate to the Abu Dhabi UAE law office the top and best business, corporate and construction attorneys, lawyers;

In Conclusion, Ezz and AL-Saaedi Law Group focus on construction, insurance, banking, maritime defense, and general business litigation and arbitration.

To illustrate,


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