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Abu Dhabi labor lawyer; When you need a specialist in complex labor matters with high stakes;

Then, visit Saaedi, a credible employment lawyer in Abu Dhabi & Dubai with over 40 years of experience as an employment law attorney in UAE.  

Contact our Abu Dhabi labor lawyers to understand better federal labor laws and regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization and how they could impact your case.

Our Abu Dhabi law firm has a team of the most reputed & highly skilled legal employment consultants and labor lawyers in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Moreover, we provide representation and legal advice for labor and employment cases related to wrongful termination and end-of-service benefits.

Additionally, Our labor lawyers advise about employment contracts, settlement agreements, bonuses, discrimination, redundancy, and restructuring of projects and companies,

Moreover, Our employment law firm advises on grievance and disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissal, restrictive covenants, and confidentiality.

Furthermore, we grant high-rate, cost-effective, and valuable Employment law advice to employees and employers by specialists concerning arbitrary dismissal, unpaid salary, commissions, profit sharing, and all UAE labor law benefits.

Moreover, our Abu Dhabi Labor legal consultants assist seekers with justice in compensation for arbitrary termination, end-of-service dues, unpaid salaries, gratuity, housing, and other allowances in and out of court.

additionally, Our Abu Dhabi Labor lawyers Advice, guide, and assist in all aspects of the employment relationship, like sickness, holiday pay, discrimination;

furthermore, harassment, wrongful termination, calculation of the end of services benefits, and modification of terms of employment.

Moreover, Our team deals with various issues like Severance Payment, Salaries, working hours, Leaves, overtime, and termination of the contract by employee or Employer.

Furthermore, we advise on Occupational Safety & Health Regulations, Discrimination in the Workplace, and Sexual Harassment.

For this reason, our labor and employment attorneys can show businesses how to reduce their risk of employment litigation.

Above all, we advise how to comply with local laws. They can also help protect workers’ rights if the Employer violates the law.

Additionally, Our labor advocates are fair and will not come against either party of labor contracts.


Abu Dhabi Labour lawyers and employment law firms assist in complying with the law.

To clarify, Employment Law regulates Employer and employee relations.

Therefore, we advise the client that it is still open to an employer and employee to agree on the terms of employment subject;

However,  the terms of the agreement must not violate current industry awards and applicable legislation.

For example, remedies for unfair dismissal are part of employment law, and the Employer has to compensate the employee for unfair dismissal.

Abu Dhabi Labour  Lawyers and employment law firm helping employees and employers;

We help employers with Counseling on strikes or lockouts and wrongful termination.

Moreover, we advise on wages, overtime, Pension Plans, Retirement Safety & Health Regulations, and related litigation support.

Therefore, call us if you have a dispute involving wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination (gender, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, national origin, and race).

Also, disputes over wage and overtime issues, employment contracts, negotiation of severance packages,

or public sector employee issues, you should immediately consult with a qualified Lead Counsel Employment Attorney.


Our Abu Dhabi Labor lawyers are in advising in Dubai & Cairo too;

In conclusion, we retain a professional employment attorney to counsel the business’s rights and options under labor and employment laws.

Also, we provide advocacy, including representation in mediations, arbitrations, and litigation in wrongful termination, wage,

And in other matters like overtime, Pension Plans, Retirement Safety & Health Regulations.