About Us

a unique law firm in Cairo, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai,

In 1982 Ezz established a unique law firm in Cairo, Egypt, and now with Advocate Al-Saaedi law offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, are a cornerstone for legal issues,

Commitment to Client

Excellence is a Minimum Standard of Ezz & Al Saaedi Advocates & Legal Consultants Law Firm and all teams in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE.

Therefore, our law firm is one of the most reliable and trustable law firms.

Consequently, we are the first choice for litigation and arbitration Due to our reputation of commitment, professionalism, and loyalty.

Also, our law offices in U.A.E. & Cairo has a similar reputation for providing exceptional legal service.

as a result, we are the most famous lawyers in Abu Dhabi & law firm in Abu Dhabi with high recognition lawyers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Above all, We are famous for our commitment to excellence and our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex legal problems.

Our clients recognize and value all the above.

Furthermore, the best and top criminal-family-corporate-lawyers the most Highly professional expertise in Abu Dhabi-

We have superior expertise in corporate law, construction law, criminal law, banking law, insurance law,

And in contractual law, real estate law, rent law, family law, or industrial and labor relations.

Therefore, we can help support your business, regardless of its size. Above all, our lawyers in Abu Dhabi,

like our advocates in Dubai, are open to new horizons and constantly learn to develop and form better relations with our clients.

To illustrate, https://ezz4law.com

to illustrate more, https://abudhabi-lawyers.com

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most appropriate and cost-effective legal talent to help them achieve their business and personal goals. Our aim is long-term client relationships, based on close cooperation and solid results. Where appropriate, we also assign legal assistants to perform legal tasks at a lower cost to clients. We are able to offer a level of client service that we believe is unmatched in our region and national scope. specifically, in main cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo

Our U.A.E. Dubai Abu Dhabi & Cairo international lawyers offer legal services to companies and individuals doing business in U.A.E. In addition, those seeking to do business in the U.A.E.

This legal service is given by our best criminal-family-corporate-lawyers, with top leading labor, construction, banking, and insurance attorneys and advocates.

Because we are providing legal support and advice to both commercial and private clients for over +40 years in both UAE and Egypt territories. For example, when Egyptian law is involving in any U.A.E. dispute, you will need Egyptian lawyers. However, if U.A.E. law is involving in any Egyptian dispute, you will need U.A.E. Attorney because we are familiar with both statutes.

We give legal advice to international clients aiming at doing business or investing in UAE and Egypt.

What legal services Abu Dhabi Dubai Law firm offer: -

We start any case by offering supporters Legal advice from professional legal supporters and counselors to understand where they stand.

Hence, if it's a successful case, we represent them to reach an arrangement out of court settlements, Or to refer to court for litigations. Accordingly, our legal consultant's illuminating client regarding its privileges, law procedures, and explain them the percentage of success.

We are defending investment in the Middle East 

Therefore, our focus is the Middle East's future, advising individuals and companies to develop their business in the region. Furthermore, Our MISSION is to provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice in all areas of law through our team of expert lawyers and administrative staff, which adapt to the firm's values. In conclusion, Our VISION is to be a strategic ally of our clients. In short, our VALUES stick to ethics, commitment, specialization, teamwork, social responsibility, and international quality.


EZZ UAE and Egypt law firm never stops advising the party and does not hesitate to present more sounding and efficient advice and solutions. To achieve customer satisfaction. We established a commercial department that can understand more than. Our lawyers have a degree in commerce. So, they understand visibility studies, financial statements, and Assessment of assets and liabilities. People who deal with us haven’t to go away to other places or offices to use other’s services.

There is obviously a significant business component that underlies our professional efforts;

So, we understand that we have an obligation to our clients and to every lawyer, attorney, counsel, and other staff, and their dependents to operate effectively and efficiently.

Our view is that is best accomplished by maintaining an intense focus on the values and principles on which Ezz law firm was built over the years.

Why US

We believe that the long-run success of the institution, not any individual or group, must be the governing principle for all decisions. We believe that we have collective obligations – not only to clients but to all of those who depend on the continued success of Ezz Law firm as an institution – that outweigh any individual or group desires.

Also, we trust that most talented lawyers want to provide truly effective service to clients and that the Firm should be operated to enhance their ability to do so. We recognize that the words in which these principles are expressed are not unique to Egypt Lawyers. What is unusual is the fact that the Firm is actually managed through the active application of these principles.