Protection of Intellectual Property and registration of trademarks & patents

Ezz law firm have Egyptian and UAE lawyers who are professional in Protection of Intellectual Property and registration of trademarks & patents, our lawyers work directly with foreign associates in countries throughout the world to provide timely and cost-efficient searching, clearance, and registration services.

 Once a registration is obtained, our lawyers are capable of monitoring new applications filed by third parties throughout the world in order to facilitate the timely opposition of potentially confusing marks. Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating and counseling our clients on gray market goods importation and counterfeit goods issues.

In addition, Ezz law firm is experienced in managing foreign enforcement and infringement proceedings in numerous foreign jurisdictions. .

Ezz law firm also has an active international patent practice. Applications corresponding to pending Egyptian applications are routinely filled in various national and regional patent offices.

 Ezz attorneys are familiar with foreign patent practice and patent associates in some countries through which patent applications are filed.