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 Abu Dhabi information technology lawyers,  Attorney Ezz, has excellent consideration among the best information technology lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo,


Further, we have extensive IP and IT law experience, covering all the significant areas of information technology.

Abu Dhabi information technology lawyers;   the  iT attorneys, legal consultants, solicitors advising;


 To illustrates, today, people do their business electronically, and everyday new technology becomes available to replace the old one,

 So, having the best possible IT systems in place is essential.

Therefore, taking sound legal advice at the outset of significant IT and internet projects is critical as it will underpin the success of these projects and, ultimately, that of the business.

Hence, We can advise both users and suppliers.

As An Illustration,  The  iT information technology advocates, solicitors counseling;

For example, we advise users on the Procurement and Outsourcing projects; we work to gain in-depth knowledge of their objectives. 

For this purpose, It lets us structure and negotiates the supply contract effectively – a critical factor in the projects;

Additionally, we can advise everything essential to them, from Protecting IP rights in their technology to Customer Contracts;

And; other pressing issues throughout the corporate life cycle.

For instance, Our expertise in Data Protection translates into policies and strategies;

; that maximize the data’s value to a business while reducing the risk of regulatory sanction. 

Consequently, If something goes wrong, we can help you manage the consequences of the security breach or other problems.

Hence, We prepare and draft contracts the client requires to transfer know-how and applications without violating intellectual property rights.

To illustrate, Abu Dhabi information technology advocates, solicitor;   the  iT advocates, solicitors advising; OUR Key areas of focus

Firstly, Data protection agreements.

Secondly, Software development agreements.

Thirdly, supply and procurement agreements.

Fourthly, Intellectual property agreements.

Fifthly, Distribution, agency, and reseller agreements.

Sixthly, Outsourcing agreements

Seventhly; Licensing agreements

                Thus, Call our information technology -IT attorneys -in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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