Commercial Lawyers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Business Lawyers in Abu Dhabi of Al Saaedi law office are landmarks For all legal frames of the corporate sector.

  • Further, we Made significant success; due to our excellent corporate and Foreign Investments lawyers in Abi Dhabi and Dubai, and Cairo.

Corporate merchandising and commercial Lawyers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are helping foreign investment!

Therefore; Our U.A.E. Business, corporate, and Foreign Investments lawyers help corporate companies by offering the right legal advice,

Moreover, assisting and representing Business and business law in all companies’ activities.

Furthermore, Our Business, corporate lawyers in Abu Dhabi U.A.E., similarly to our lawyers in Dubai, offer Business legal assistance, preparing legal opinions.

For example, we lead in drafting legal documents, compromises (contracts, conventions), arbitration, mediation, and conciliation articles.


Corporate Business Law firm in  Dubai, Cairo Egypt and in Abu Dhabi handle all company procedures;


To Explain, Tips advises on all corporate procedures;

For instance,  all aspects of corporate law, including the incorporation of companies, directors’ duties,

Besides, shareholders’ rights, the calling and holding of meetings, and the winding-up of companies.

Therefore, Ezz’s Corporate Business Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, and Dubai;

                     Because  we work closely with local and Foreign Investments clients to help them;

For example, These procedures relate to corrupt foreign practices, trademark enforcement, transfer pricing, securities, labor, and profit transfer.


Also; Corporate Business Lawyers in Abu Dhabi advising on companies law;

Therefore, we help our customers in the incorporation of all kinds of companies,

Furthermore, he is instructing them in the selection of the type that will be most profitable to them.

Moreover, We retain corporate and Business  lawyers who understand Companies regulations and rules, understand benefits for investors and people in Business,

And, select the best Corporations law – act – will be favoring their projects in Cairo Egypt or Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Our U.A.E & Egypt.

To illustrate;

To more illustration;