If you are looking for construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE? Al Saaedi is famous as one of the best  Abu Dhabi, Dubai construction law firms that excel in all details of construction laws in Abu Dhabi & Dubai,

most importantly, the real estate sector in Gulf constitutes a critical axis of development due to its essential role in advancing the wheel of growth;

the construction sector can create more job opportunities.

Also, it’s stimulating economic activity in many industries and other related activities.

Moreover, sectors and activities related to the real estate sector, some of which are related to the pre-construction stage;

such as; real estate studies and consultancy offices, engineering offices, and marketing companies.

Next, Some of them are related to the construction stage, such as the contracting industry and the building materials industry,

At last, some are after the construction stage, such as operating and maintenance companies and other industries that complement this sector.

Therefore, this sector needs a professional and standout lawyer who can successfully deal with its complications.

construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE! why us

Thus:- All construction sectors count on Abu Dhabi construction lawyers.

Above all, Ezz law firm is a unique and among the best quality construction & energy law firm in the UAE and Egypt.

 Furthermore, we work alongside clients to offer a full range of legal services for national and international;

We work on legal issues related to building, housing, development, real estate, Companies.

Moreover, hotels, construction, engineering, energy projects worldwide work closely with:

such as engineering consultants, construction, and developers companies.

Mainly in Gulf, we are the construction law reference to contractors and the construction industry.

Reason for Abu Dhabi construction lawyers success

Still, we maintain in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Egypt best-talented construction lawyers who are experts in advising on the construction sector;

Our area of practice is not limited, but it includes;

Firstly, performance bonds guarantees; And or advance payment guarantees, development contracts, and contractual laws of the countries where they work.

Secondly; Our Capital law firm has national, international contractual, construction & building, lease and rent advocates, solicitors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

And Cairo, Egypt, working within a created a collaborative engineering culture where talented solicitors work together to give their best in this field.

Construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE are lecturers;

What other laws construction lawyers should know

Our construction, real estate lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the commercial, contracting, real estate, property, housing, freehold, lease, hotels law;

Besides, our lawyers & solicitors, and arbitrators can defend either in Law- courts or in arbitration.

In particular, Our cross-border law firm team has a depth understanding of construction, the hotels industry, and developing real estate projects.

Thus, we are ready to provide legal services required by clients across the industry spectrum.

Ezz is the best specialist construction law firm in the UAE & Egypt – comprehensive – offering a full range of legal services for construction, engineering,

and energy projects worldwide.

Therefore, Our Abu Dhabi construction lawyers, with peers in Dubai, Cairo are forefront.

Because lawyers offer a wealth of expertise on all topics related to building and construction law.

In addition to our extensive coverage on drafting construction contracts, delay, and disruption in construction and civil engineering projects,

And EPC – engineering, procurement, and construction contracts, significant projects, and turnkey contracts. 

Therefore, our lawyers, barristers & advocates understand that construction projects have become more complex and require more substantial investment;

Our Abu Dhabi construction lawyers with Dubai construction attorneys know the importance of time, and those cost considerations have become paramount.

Therefore, these factors will be as crucial as technical considerations in award contracts.

For instance, In the hotel industry, we advise on the structuring, financing, and completing the range of management, operational lease contracts.

Furthermore, we also advise on buildings and constructions, disposal contracts, joint ventures, development agreements,

and other transactions clients undertake, whether concerning existing businesses or new operating sites.

Abu Dhabi construction lawyers with same in Dubai represent so many hotels;

We are also in Dubai with hotels and tourism.

We are the hotels, tourism, and real estate lawyers franchise because we understand that sector since 1982.

Because we have both ability and integrity to serve you;

Above all, we also have experience of long terms that will enable us to present better and efficient services to your hotels.

How Abu Dhabi construction lawyers can help:-

We advise on all areas of commercial activity, including management agreements, franchising, operational leases, and promotional matters.

In addition to drawing on our core corporate, property, and tax expertise, our considerable resources in construction, planning, real estate finance;

Furthermore, and real estate management enables us to support sophisticated and complex transactions.

, most importantly, we can also utilize our international experience to complete cross-border transactions for many of our global hotel clients.

Specifically, we use our expertise regarding operational leases, disposals, joint ventures, developments, agreements.

Likewise, we draft and review all hotel management, operational leases, joint ventures, and development agreements to protect tourism projects’ investment.

Abu Dhabi construction lawyers & Real Estate Lawyers of Ezz are internationally famous;

Firstly, we deal with transactions involving a massive amount of money to buy an asset.

So, we are responsible for ensuring that the property dealings in a region or Emirate follow the real estate laws.

For instance, transactions such as buying and selling of properties, or issues such as the unclear title of a property, or notification damages facing buyer of the property;

Or unclear lease papers of a property or any discrepancies in the description of the property deal with.

Therefore, large corporations with substantial landholdings and are involved in their sale or purchase dealings may hire a real estate attorney.

This makes sure that the property dealings of the corporation go through its real estate attorney, who makes sure that the organization meets all the property related to rules and regulations;

that’s why our Abu Dhabi Lawyers and Dubai attorneys have a sound understanding of that complex industry.

We know all legal formalities in Every area:-

Indeed, We will help you with the legal formalities to bring your dream come true for a ‘sweet home and business.

Indeed, You can count on our legal expertise to carry out rigorous documentation and guidance about your rights and responsibilities in real estate, hotels, freehold, building transactions.

In Egypt, Ex-pats are allowed to own a property at specific provisions.

We advise clients; if you are an ex-pat to consult us because Foreigners can buy property in Egypt;

However, under Law, foreign purchasers of property in Sharm El Sheikh cannot acquire freehold rights.

Also, In UAE, Dubai, the first Emirate of UAE that allowed non-GCC residents to possess freehold property in specific areas of Dubai.

Abu Dhabi allows freehold too:-

On the other hand, The other Emirates of UAE are also focusing on developing their property laws.

Recently Abu Dhabi and Ajman have announced freehold properties available in some specific regions.

Other states are also focusing on providing freehold ownership to ex-pats and foreigners.




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