Draft & Review of Contracts

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Our firm was founded in 1982. Many of our attorneys (including all three partners) have backgrounds at large law firms. By leaving behind the big-firm model, we can focus on providing quality services without billing clients for the costs of training brand-new lawyers or maintaining a large organization.

For drafting & review of contracts in U.A.E. & Egypt either its Government, or private agreements our Contracts lawyers will help.

In case of any breach of contract we have the ability to correct it and get the prober compensation you deserve.

We provides business contract services to the U.A.E. & Egypt in every Emirate and every City area. To contact an experienced attorney, call 971503159583 or in Egypt call 201221324838.

We have a team of experienced U.A.E. & Egypt Lawyers who will Help You to Resolve Contract Disputes, our attorneys Committed to serving the needs of clients throughout the UAE & Egypt, Contracts are an essential part of any type of business. When a contract is disputed, it can cripple a company’s profitability and daily operations. While negotiation is always an option, if it should fail, you need the assistance of a lawyer experienced in litigation or mediation and arbitration. Throughout the U.A.E. & Egypt area, businesses and members of the legal community have come to rely on the services of the Law Offices of Ezz & associates since 1982, our successful and highly respected law firm has protected the best interests of individuals and business in U.A.E. & Egypt in Dubai, Abu Dhabi of UAE and Cairo City of Egypt. Our firm use its extensive legal experience and business intelligence to assist you with your contract-dispute matter. Proving a breach of contract, a contractual breach can be avoided by having a commercial litigation lawyer review the contract before you sign it. However, if you have already entered into a contract and you believe it has been breached by one or more parties, you can take civil action.

The Law Offices of Ezz & associates has considerable experience handling construction, shipping, LLC, Investment contract and partnership dispute matters. Our contract dispute attorneys can assist you with the following issues pertaining to your claim: Pleading requirements — a breach-of-contract claim requires you to demonstrate the existence of a contract, a material breach of the contract and damages. Using expert witnesses — Contract disputes generally involve either a breach of the contract or disagreement over the terms and obligations imposed upon the parties to the contract.

Take decades of experience in drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form contracts. We know how important it is to clearly establish what each party wants, and when certain products or services are to be rendered. Unfortunately, oral contracts or poorly drafted contracts often result in contract disputes involving different interpretation or even disingenuous claims of varying interpretation.

Business disputes in fact often involve allegations of breach of contract. Contracts are the basis of a business, mutual promises that promote confidence and a viable business model.

What Constitutes Breach?

Outright refusal or failure to perform on a contract is less common than disputed claims of minor or material breach. How a contract should be interpreted is partly a matter of case law or precedent – what courts have done in prior similar circumstances. Sometimes, contracts are held by courts to be invalid. Reasons for this result include failure to satisfy the basic requirements of a contract or, occasionally, fundamental unfairness. We can advise you on the contract in question, and represent you in seeking resolution of the dispute.

Our vast experience includes construction contracts of various types, including architectural/engineering agreements, construction manager agreements, GMP contracts, and design-build contracts, among others.

What Can You Do?

Remedies ordered by a court in a business lawsuit include:

  • Compensatory Damages
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Rescission
  • Specific Performance