Ezz, and as being a top ranked law firm, our policy in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, U.A.E and Egypt is to retaining superior corporate, commercial lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, advocates, barristers and legal consultants who provide best legal services, our U.A.E Abu Dhabi Arbitrators, attorneys in coordination with our attorneys & Lawyers in Dubai we provide highest defense level in Criminal, immigration, accidents, civil, collection, disruption in constructions, labor, shipping, real estate, reinsurance, insurance and all other areas of law with a track record and a guarantee to bring maximum results over your expectations.

Not only in Egypt or in Abu Dhabi, but also in Dubai Our UAE Dubai criminal, construction, corporate lawyers are the best in Family banking, insurance shipping, labor law, Dubai lawyers will not take a losing case, we focus on selection of best solicitor, Attorney and expert arbitrator, legal consultant and lawyers, In Dubai, ask about Dubai family, corporate, construction, banking, insurance lawyers and they will refer you to us because we are land mark for lawyers in Dubai who could cover all practice areas of law.

Dubai banking lawyers are experienced in letters of credit – L/C -and letters of guarantee L/G, credit cards, remittances.

Dubai insurance & reinsurance lawyers are working closely with insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers, agents and individuals in all matters pertaining to insurance or accidents claims.

Our Dubai lawyers are the best for construction claims, analyzing disruption claims before courts and arbitration is our main area of practice.

Our Dubai banking lawyers are mainly bankers, worked inside banks.

International organizations, clients, and investors rely on our Dubai lawyers who are working at Ezz law firm, because we are working on global view.

Our Dubai corporate law firm hires best commercial lawyers to provide exceptional legal services in construction, family, criminal, labor, property, it, banking.

We are among the best construction lawyers, arbitrators and mediators in the field of arbitration and mediation.  Our Dubai Lawyers own legal expertise in housing, real estate, common properties, and land disputes cases.  We bring to table the best construction lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, barristers and legal consultants who have at least to be accepted to join us more than decade in construction, our construction attorneys with broad experience for arguing matters before Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Egypt’s courts either before summary or appellate courts till supreme courts.

Ezz law firm’s offices in Cairo Egypt, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah Ras Al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates provide international and national construction law coverage to clients wherever they or their projects are situated.  The complexity of the construction industry often leads to legal conflict between owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors and other entities involved in the project. With money, materials, resources, labor and scheduling at stake, you need a highly skilled and experienced legal team of lawyers, advocates, attorneys, arbitrators, mediators to defend your interests.

Our Vision

Ezz international Law Firm – the Egyptian & UAE lawyers believe that client interests are at the very heart of our business, and we strive to achieve excellence in all we do for them. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients based on openness and honesty.

We promise clients to accept the cases that we believe in our capability to win.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE lawyers acquired deep knowledge and understanding of our clients’ businesses and the sectors in which they operate. We pursue excellence and seek to innovate in everything we do.

We respect nurture local and global cultures and diversity. We are an employer of choice. We have achieved our vision when we perform coordinated distinguished work in multiple jurisdictions for leading companies in the world. We are acknowledged by the market as a top-quality legal service provider in each region in which we operate.

These CREDENTIALS  are a reflection of our promise to deliver the world’s best Law practice, legal advice, utmost defense and experience to our community not only our clients, not only Egypt , U.A.E, Gulf, or middle east but also across the globe, in the litigation or arbitration, mediation, conciliation.

Our values

We are working hard to become the number one Egyptian and UAE law firm by the quality of our advice and for our unswerving commitment to our clients. We accept to fight the battles that are worth winning. We are always giving over what is expected from us. We are able to resolve any complex legal issues and have our innovative solutions and choose those ones which benefit our clients most.

Our records

We have our track record in Egypt and UAE; in criminal Justice we could clear innocent accused persons in dangerous crimes, and famous cases. In civil and commercial law we are leaders, in family law we understand the international law, but also understand local rules, and laws not to conflict with local legislations.

In investment we know how to defend the interests of our clients specially expats, inbound projects. In banking and insurance no one can compete with us, it’s our industry since 1982 we are the bankers, insurance and reinsurance experts.

We are the address of international business, global investment protection; practice your business with hassle free, you think over your business and leave legal on us.

We advocate UAE, Egypt and GCC’s premier Construction projects, we’re top construction & contractual arbitration law firm.

The outlook for the construction market in the GCC is highly favorable. Annually some billions of construction contracts are awarded. This value is expected to almost double to this value is expected to increase further as the market continues to gain in confidence.

But in order to gain profits from these projects you have to keep the right construction accountants, legal advisers for contracts, procurement and the litigation team to defend your interest, at our law firm we dedicated the construction legal consultants , lawyers and arbitrators who are ready to defend these construction projects in GCC.

Cairo Egypt lawyers in Abu Dhabi in Dubai – U.A.E. will never misguide clients, but always do their best to guide clientele.

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