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SINCE 1982

Certainly, and, Proudly, Ezz is one of the best law firm in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, for example, our advocates are the best in criminal, family, corporate, and insurance law since1982,in additionton, track record of success and loyalty to clients.

Reliable & Effective

Abu Dhabi Dubai lawyers & Cairo Attorneys

Ezz law Firm is an integrated Firm established in April 1982, By Attorney Ezz in Cairo Egypt and expanded to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE;

 specifically, for Serving and defending investment and commercial projects in the region of Middle East and Gulf. 

Why EZZ”s Abu Dhabi Dubai lawyers & Cairo Attorneys

 Because, we add value by providing companies, business sector and individuals with truly, comprehensive legal services that is commercial and practical, 

for this purpose, we are enabling them to make well informed decisions. 

Egyptian and Emiratis Abu Dhabi Dubai lawyers

Because; we have dedicated a team of top Egyptian and Emiratis lawyers, attorneys, legal counsels, 

Therefore, we enable clients to success.

with this purpose in mind, we retain the best professional Cairo, Abu Dhabi Dubai lawyers lawyers, arbitrators, legal consultants.

Not only in Abu Dhabi or Dubai 

but also in Cairo Egypt 

Similarly both have the best team of family, Criminal defense law, corporate, banking law advocates.

as well as, reinsurance law solicitors,

 moreover; commercial, real estate, housing, construction law attorneys, 

besides; employment, hotels, shipping, divorce, franchise, financial law advocates. 

That’s the result

as a result, our clients single us out for our creative, exciting, imaginative, commercial, and pragmatic approach. 

Accordingly, we value our reputation as an approachable, trustworthy partner to our clients. 

Ahmed Saedi in UAE with Ezz law firm in aEgypt is full service international law firm with office in Cairo, Egypt, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates. We add value by providing companies, public sector bodies and individuals with legal advice that is commercial and practice enabling to make well information decisions, we focus on giving advice and draft contracts to prevent disputes.

We have dedicated Egyptian and Emiratis attorneys, legal counsels, advocate, barristers, solicitors and lawyers specialists in Criminal defense, corporate, banking, insurance, commercial, real estate, housing, construction, employment, shipping, family, franchise, affidavit, dispute resolution and private client financial services in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE offices

Our clients single us out for our creative, exiting, imaginative, commercial and pragmatic approach. We value our reputation as an approachable, trustworthy partner to our clients-and we employ corporate, trade, construction, contracts, banking, insurance family lawyers, attorneys, legal counsels in Dubai like Abu Dhabi & Egypt who think the same way.