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SINCE 1982

 Ezz law firm is a wholistic legal service office and his team of the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo
Egypt covering a comprehensive range of legal expertise.

Indeed, our lawyers are among the best  labor, insurance, maritime, corporate, and business lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and have a track record of success and loyalty to clients.

Reliable & Effective


Ezz is a featured business law firm equipped with talented, trusted local and international lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Egypt, Dubai,–U.A.E; our attorneys represent businesses and individuals in civil, corporate, and criminal law issues.

Our Criminal, Labour, corporate, intellectual property lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Dubai are the world’s most elite lawyers at one law firm

Therefore, clients recognize us as the best and top litigators and arbitrators in the Middle east.

Moreover, Ezz is on the top of the Abu Dhabi labor, insurance, corporate lawyers, and best law firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, and Cairo, Egypt.

Meanwhile, Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai excel in every practice area of law.

Not only that, but also we are on top for the best labor, insurance, maritime, corporate lawyers in Cairo, Egypt.

Equally Important, we employ the top professional banking, insurance, reinsurance law advocates, and legal consultants in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

To illustrate, The Historic of Ezz Law Firm; the best advocates, lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Cairo Egypt, Dubai.

Moreover, advocate Ezz, the founder and managing partner, has high recognition and references as the must-see and first-to-consult.

Above all, Attorney, Ezz law firm”s lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo is a fundamental legal consultant in significant and high-profile transactions, jurisdiction, and litigation.

In Detail,     Ezz is a full-service legal firm with a talented family, criminals, advocates in Cairo, Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Further, Ezz law firm’s lawyers in Abu Dhabi Cairo, Dubai, in partnership with  Ahmed Saaedi Advocates and legal consultants In UAE, has the top banking, insurance, maritime, lawyers, and solicitors.

To Explain, We established the firm in 1982 for Serving and defending investment and commercial projects in the Middle East and Gulf.

In Brief, why us! Ezz’s law firm’s lawyers in Abu Dhabi and legal offices;

Additionally, Our law office’s specialty is in labor family criminal corporate construction law;

And banking insurance, maritime law.

Therefore, we’re working with the mentality of the local and international law firm in all offices in Cairo, Egypt, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

Thus, we add value by providing companies, the business sectors, and individuals with legal advice.

Also, Our legal advice is accurate, commercial, and practical to enable clients to make well-informed decisions.

Additionally, we are dedicating Egyptian & Emiratis lawyers and legal counsels who understand the culture and judiciary system to succeed.

Firstly, Our Ezz law firm”s lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo always has good results.

Secondly, we also retain the best commercial, real estate, housing attorneys, 

Thirdly, construction, employment, hotels, shipping, divorce, franchise, financial law throughout UAE.

Above all, our clients single us out for our creative, exciting, imaginative, commercial, and pragmatic approach. 

Therefore, We value our reputation as an approachable, trustworthy partner to our clients.

Further, Our labor, criminal, criminal,  corporate, and construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi have a track record of success;

And high recognition for their high degree of ethics.

Moreover, We adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and expect our clients to share our ethical standards.

In conclusion, we are heading the law practice with a History of more than 42 years of share and legal services.

Further, We are evolving into a leading, trustful, and global international law firm with clients from all over the world.

Further, Attorney, Ezz law firm”s lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo is constantly proving the efficiency of its services,  

Above all, efficiency is legal services and communications with its clients and understanding their needs.

For Example, it is a labor, family, criminal law, corporate construction, banking insurance law, accidents, franchise, or trademark law!

Therefore, Get the right help from the right lawyers.

Therefore, you will find us passionate about business and always interested in the innovation of entrepreneurship.

However, we are focusing on Real Estate Law and Business Law; 

Moreover, we counsel many small businesses, start-ups, and individuals to protect their interests;

 Furthermore, we anticipate potential legal troubles and prevent them.

Above all,  Because we understand the unique challenges business owners face.

 Finally, we do not want to be just a lawyer for our value clients; We want to be a part of their story.

Additionally, At the Al Ezz & Saaedi law firms, we want their passion and motivation to drive you.

Above all, Ezz law firm is holistic, historical, energetic, ambitious, and passionate about what we do.

Then; If you want those qualities, then give me a call.

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Ahmed Saedi in UAE with Ezz law firm in aEgypt is full service international law firm with office in Cairo, Egypt, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates. We add value by providing companies, public sector bodies and individuals with legal advice that is commercial and practice enabling to make well information decisions, we focus on giving advice and draft contracts to prevent disputes.

We have dedicated Egyptian and Emiratis attorneys, legal counsels, advocate, barristers, solicitors and lawyers specialists in Criminal defense, corporate, banking, insurance, commercial, real estate, housing, construction, employment, shipping, family, franchise, affidavit, dispute resolution and private client financial services in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE offices

Our clients single us out for our creative, exiting, imaginative, commercial and pragmatic approach. We value our reputation as an approachable, trustworthy partner to our clients-and we employ corporate, trade, construction, contracts, banking, insurance family lawyers, attorneys, legal counsels in Dubai like Abu Dhabi & Egypt who think the same way.