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Family lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Our family lawyers in Abu Dhabi professionally handle International marriage, divorce, children custody, alimony, inheritance for expatriates and locals, non-Muslims and Muslims, and all ethnicities.

Moreover, Ezz is a quality Family law firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo; Because we retain the best divorce, custody, family lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, or Dubai.

Besides, Our firm’s family law lawyers & advocates provide a comprehensive range of family law services.

As A Result, we enjoy a national and internationally outstanding reputation.

The world-renown specialist family lawyers in Gulf

we are a world-renown specialist family law firm;

We entrust family cases to the best family lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, Cairo, Egypt.

Therefore, we get the best results.

                                                    We have both ability and probity.

Surely, We have the probity & capability to represent Muslims and Non-Muslim clients in legal family issues like Marriage, Divorce, khula.

Furthermore, we professionally handle the spousal maintenance, wills, alimony, child support & maintenance & visitation, prenuptial agreements, and drafting wills.

Especially; for expatriates who have the right to ask courts to apply local family laws in the UAE or Egypt.

Consequently; We advise clients that in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rak, Sharjah, the federal family law of UAE may be applicable if parties agree upon it. 

Our Egypt, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi – UAE – family lawyers advise individuals and act as counsels to international or cross-border family law matters since 1982.

In the family law process, we experience all types of cross-cultural and jurisdiction conflicts and pitfalls of jurisdictional disputes. 

For instance; In Dubai or Abu Dhabi, or Egypt, most of the lawsuit cases filed with family law courts have an international element, such as the different nationalities;

Or; because of the religions of couples or their children, foreign marriage contract law, or assets located in different countries. 

So that; Our attorneys are world-renown in marriage, divorce, child care, and any family law services specializing in substantial and complex cases;

 Above all, our specialty in issues with an international element. 



Marriage rules in the UAE and Egypt;

It is possible to get married in UAE and Egypt at churches and under Sharia law.

There is no civil ceremony performance in the UAE or Egypt. Expats must register the marriage with the ministry of justice in Egypt to be legitimate. For ex-pats, a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) is requested. – Original divorce documents (if divorce happens in another country, further documentation you should submit.

Family law defenders in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo

 We defend in financial situations like liquidity, future income, and company/fund valuation. 

Moreover, push the boundaries of the law for our clients for discounting pre-marital and post-marital assets.

For instance;  The Family Law in Egypt or UAE: By law, the Court may permit the wife who seeks to divorce, spousal maintenance, and parental rights with children, in Egypt or UAE no division of matrimonial property Khulaa, or khula as a way of ending the marriage is there.

 If you are looking for an attorney to represent your case, our family Lawyer is the right attorney for you.


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